Maria, Pakistan

I had an excellent learning experience with Dr. Patricia Omidian during the focusing therapy workshop years ago . Focusing therapy has benefited me in both my personal life and clinical practice. 
Practicing focusing therapy has compelled me to be mindful and accepting  of my own  inner existence,  aware of my emotional and mental states.

I learnt to accept and deal with the unpleasant individuals and situations  in a better way by practicing  the essential philosophies of focusing therapy.

Use of Focusing therapy’s essential practices, like focusing body scan and holding an attentive and non-judgemental therapeutic presence, have been effective in helping my clients.

As well as being a great educator and trainer, Dr. Omidian is an excellent facilitator. Her compassionate,  non-judgemental and authentic presence really helps the trainees and clients feel safe and supported. 

Nov, 2023.