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Deep Listening Allows Healing

Personal stories | Posted on 27 June 2023 | Author Wajid Syed

As she spoke, all I did was to listen to her, reflecting where required. As soon as she completed the narration of the complete ordeal, she stood up and said: “My brain has started working and I need to go to my unit to support my team.”


My Fear is My Friend

Personal storiesPsychosocial Support and Community Wellness | Posted on 18 January 2023 | Author Pat Omidian

We have learned a lot about fear these past few years.  It’s a very powerful reaction that comes from many different directions and in many forms. The pandemic, storms, droughts, climate change, political unrest, wars… Of course we are justified in being afraid. Fear is […]



Personal stories | Posted on 7 February 2020 | Author Pat Omidian

One activity we have found in all our work at Focusing Initiatives is the importance of centering into the body and remembering something one can be grateful for. In ancient philosophies and religions, gratitude is a common theme. Modern psychologists consider it an essential tool […]


Balance of Blessings

Personal stories | Posted on 25 June 2018 | Author Pat Omidian

Pat Omidian discusses ‘Balance of Blessings”, from Reaching Resilience. We need to recognize that, even in the worst situations, there are good things in our lives.  Please click here to help us bring this work to more communities.


I use the Calm Place all the time

Personal stories | Posted on 26 April 2018 | Author Pat Omidian

Being aware of our internal signals is the core of Focusing. It’s also the key to handling our difficult emotions or just feeling better. Usually, to sense our felt wisdom inside requires a slower pace than we can find in our hectic lives. Using the […]


“My Love is Like the Melody”

Personal stories | Posted on 15 October 2017 | Author Pat Omidian

THE POWER OF METAPHORS FOR WRITING, FOR LIFE, FOR COMMUNITY You probably think you learned about metaphors in your freshman literature class, but, really, you’ve been using them from the time you began to talk.  If your mother kept a ‘baby book’, you will find […]