Working with Children

Introducing a new project: Better World for Kids

Working with Children | Posted on 5 November 2021 | Author Pat Omidian

Nine-year-old Joseph has been living on his own since he was seven, when his parents were killed by soldiers in an attack on his village.  He recently came to live in a refugee camp in Uganda, where he is fed and educated by community workers, […]


Why would a family put a child to work?

Working with Children | Posted on 2 October 2021 | Author Wajid Syed

Asad’s father is a daily wage laborer without any skills. Every morning he goes to the city center after dropping his seven-year old son off at the machine shop where Asad works. The city center is the spot from where people hire unskilled and semi-skilled […]


The Story Behind Brighter Tomorrow

Working with Children | Posted on 24 August 2021 | Author Anna Willman

Syed Wajid has a round face and a trim white beard and a smile that lights up his eyes and warms the hearts of his companions. Child labor is a huge problem in Pakistan, he tells us. Some provincial governments have passed laws forbidding the […]


Listening To Orphans in Pakistan: Pat Omidian brings CWF to teachers and staff

Working with Children | Posted on 21 May 2018 | Author Pat Omidian

Just outside of the city of Peshawar in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is an orphanage, actually a residential boarding school with 180 boys, ages 5-12, who had lost their fathers and were street beggars. The facility, called Zamung Kor, Pukhtu for ‘Our […]